We Are The Luckiest: Sobriety in Full Color

8 weeks to more freedom in sobriety.

Oh hello, brave one.

Overcoming a dependency or addiction is a master warrior-level feat. Which means that you're already a hero. But whether you're new to sobriety or years in, at some point, we all have to do the deeper work to find peace, freedom, and joy.

Not just to survive, but to thrive.

That's what this course is all about. 

Course Details

The course runs for 8 weeks.

9 Live Calls

540 minutes of live time with our instructors where you can ask questions, get support and receive coaching.

8 Weeks, 7 Topics

Each week, we'll explore a powerful topic in recovery such as dignity, power, surrender, and truth.

Connection & Support

On our forum, you'll be able to connect with other students and get 24x7 support from our instructors & mentors.

This is not a cruise control course! You should expect to go deep. Whatever you put into the course will determine what you get in return.

View the full curriculum.

Take this course if you...

  • Want more emotional resilience to effectively manage difficult emotions like fear, shame, guilt, and grief.
  • Yearn to create deep, honest, and meaningful relationships with the people in your life; relationships that reflect who you are now.
  • Desire to be truly free. Not just from addiction, but from the underlying reasons you sought to numb in the first place.
  • Seek practical tools to navigate emotional, psychological, and social challenges in sobriety.
  • Know you have a voice and you're dying to hone and express it, creatively or otherwise, with confidence and power.
  • Need real, practical wisdom and spiritual tools to support you in deepening your recovery.
  • Want more courage, joy, presence, and peace in your life.

What you'll get:

  • 7 video lectures where Laura dives into the weekly topic.
  • 7 meditations, written and recorded by Laura for each week's topic.
  • Powerful self-inquiry homework each week.
  • 9 live calls with Eric Johnson and Dharamjeev Kaur to discuss your experiences + ask questions. (All calls are recorded.)
  • Support from a team of mentors.
  • Access to our private forum for support and connection.
  • Access to the course content for one full year.

Meet your instructors.

Laura McKowen will kick off the course live on January 10th, accompanied by course instructors Dharamjeev Kaur and Eric Johnson. Eric is the Vice President of Member Experience & Operations, and Dharamjeev is the Community Manager for The Luckiest Club.


What past students say...

The course helped me understand myself and my emotions in a way I couldn't access before. Through completing the assignments each week I felt like I was reconnecting with myself in a deeper way. It was such a healing experience.

- Spring 2020 Student

Take this course if you are seeking a whole new approach to recovery; one that is built on truth, wisdom, and most importantly, your experience. WATL encourages you to develop your spiritual journey on your own terms and at your own pace while being completely supported.

- Fall 2019 Student

It completely changed how I view not drinking: not as a matter of willpower, but rather just a change of focus: since life is in focus and drinking blurs it, drinking now looks like such a hassle. Seriously.

- Spring 2021 Student

Frequently Asked Questions

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